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Copyright Notice

1996 by Robert "Pooky" Beyer, Michael "Olmur" Deindl and Richard "Locksley" Edwards. All rights reserved.

Copyright in the Internet is a tricky thing: pages are published in one country and read in another. Regulations about copyright and authorship vary from country to country.

However, there's a United Nations treaty (signed by virtually all countries) to mutually respect copyright/authorship laws.

These pages, in their current form, are published in the United States of America, therefore U.S. copyright-law applies to these revisions. They are derived from pages originally published in the Federal Republic of Germany, therefore German copyright-law also applies.

According to German law no formalisms are required, besides that the author has to be named. This is done. If you reside in a country which requires a formal copyright notice you could think that the lack of such a formal copyright notice would entitle you to freely copy contents from these pages: you're wrong.

Copyrights are valid for the life of the author plus 50 years. I have attempted to indicate on every page, the author of that work.

Permission to use these materials in this site has been granted by the copyright holders.

In general these pages are written by Michael "Olmur" Deindl.

Since they were started by Robert "Pooky" Beyer you'll find him the sole author of the older parts (to which Olmur and I only did editorial changes). Other parts which were started by Pooky are enhanced by Olmur and therefore he and Pooky have a shared authorship for such parts.

Later enhancements were made by Richard "Locksley" Edwards. Where these enhancements are sufficiently broad to justify such, shared authorship is claimed.

Additional material is quoted from other authors who are mentioned at the respective places.

For all parts of the CuddlePages we have created, we tried to ask the authors of quoted material for their permission. However, it's not always clear to us who the original author of quoted material is. (This counts especially for the older parts of the pages and for articles quoted from alt.cuddle.)

If you find a piece of these pages violating your or someone else's rights: please inform me so that I can take appropriate action!

Written by Michael "Olmur" Deindl and Richard "Locksley" Edwards, 1996

Please see the copyright notice.

Last modified: November 05, 1998 by Locksley