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The Grand Order of Knights in Tarnished Armour

"In order to be a KiTA (Knight in Tarnished Armor), one has to go forth and cuddle (often), help the sad/lonely/cuddle-deprived, bring neat stuff to the parties, and bribe the various cuddle royalty." - Denise V. [Sir Denise]


The age of chivalry is not dead. We have a lot of Knights in slightly Tarnished Armour [Or in other forms of Armour]. That the Knights are in Tarnished Armour and not in Shining Armour, just shows us all ... that even our Cherished Knights must enter into battle ... and through the challenges which they must face, their armour becomes dented, and tarnished through the constant use it has to put up with.

After all ... a Knight in Shining Armour has never had to use his Armour ... while a Knight in Tarnished Armour can tell you all about how he has overcome all obstacles, and has vanquished the problems. [With the dents to prove it!]

Once someone is appointed to the position of KiTA by the Cuddle Royalty, it is their duty to go forth and cuddle all. Most KiTAs are presented with some sort of "weapon". Generally a Fuzzy Tickle Sword is given, but there have also been Fuzzy Maces, and Fuzzy Bombs. This is the KiTAs weapon in spreading the happiness and joy to everyone.

The KiTAs are the protectors of Cuddleland, and we're not gender biased in any form! We have many Lady KiTAs, and squires. KiTAs are chivalrous to all.

Now, the person to usually confer the title on the next KiTA, is the last Knight who was Knighted, or ordained. A proclamation is usually issued, and a ceremony in which the titles, and a cuddle sword (or other cuddly items) are given. You can also choose your armour. (Flannel, Cotton, Cold Hard Unrelenting Steel, Fuzzy, Furry, Gold Weave, ...).

It is a title of honour, and of prestige. Something which you feel very proud of, and glad to be an important inhabitant of Cuddleland.


All for one! and One for All!


Written by Robert "Pooky" Beyer.

Please see the copyright notice.

Last modified: November 05, 1998 by Locksley