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Poem To The Newbies

by Janice "Jellibun" McCready May

      Hello, darling newbie,
      We're glad you are here,
      We're so glad to meet you,
      Delurk with good cheer

      We welcome you now
      To this land strange and fun
      Get ready for wuzzles 
      From bear and from bun

      We're happy to see you
      We want to be pals
      We don't really care
      If you're guys or you're gals

      We hope you can stay
      And we hope you'll take part
      But first a few words, 
      That come straight from the heart.

      The royalty play 
      They don't make up the rules
      They're just folks just like you
      On this grand ship of fools

      They'll answer your questions
      They could be your friends
      But when they slip up
      Like the rest, make amends

      We're human beans first
      And then Duck, Bun and Bear
      But whoever you are
      Be assured that we care

      Sometimes we get heated
      Our words may seem rough
      But please don't start flaming
      Or leave in a huff

      Just send us a note
      Say the words were weren't good
      It could just well be
      That we're misunderstood

      If we can keep talking
      There's no need to flame
      To say nasty words
      Or to hand out the blame

      Sometimes you'll see posts that are not very neat
      Dead Christians, Fast Money, and Girls you can Meet
      The answer to these are quite short and quite sweet,
      Please press, very firmly, the key marked "delete".

      And now, Gentle newbie, we bid you godspeed 
      And please let us know if there's something you need
      We'll give you mass cuddles, we'll help you have fun
      We hope that your time here will not soon be done!


Quoted with permission of the author, Janice "Jellibun" McCready May "Bride of Balloo" etc., so-on and so-forth.

Please see the copyright notice.

Last modified: November 05, 1998 by Locksley