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Run, Akira, Run! - Prologue


Prologue the first

Huskies run.
	Singly or in teams, they run.
	Pulling a sled or alongside their mates, they run.
	Always towards a goal, never away from it, they run.

Theirs are the eyes that can see through blizzard
Theirs are the ears that can hear a snowflake fall
Theirs are the hearts that bravely face the cold and dark.

	Loyalty and courage are their watchwords;
	Tenacity is their lifeblood.
	They know fear yet face life's challenges unafraid.

Huskies run.
	From newborn pup to aged hunter, they run.
	Through worlds unimagined, they run
	For they are kin to Feneril; they are shooting stars
	And until the day their bodies lay down to rest
	And their spirits make their final run
	Across the Aurelis Borealis...

They will run, and run, and run farther still
For many are the journeys a husky must make
Before the Gods of the North call them home.


Prologue the second

	Princess KaCee finished folding the last of her notes.  She had
to get word to the KiTas and other residents of Cuddleland that she 
and the Tower Dweller needed to be rescued. Not that she and Heidi 
hadn't been having _fun_, mind... but enough was enough. One by one 
she sent the missives out the window to the crowd gathered below, 
pausing only to see Pooky get ambushed by Princess Judy (Ooh, that 
licorice whip's gotta hurt ! :) ). 
	The winds scattered the notes across the length and breath of 
Cuddleland informing oldbie, newbie, and lurker alike to the plight of 
the Tower Captives. The assemblage gathered that day would stage a 
rescue so daring and so heroic that it would become famous in 
Cuddleland lore.
	But that is a tale already told, and while the telling only 
greatens the legend, we will not repeat it here. Our story, rather, 
concerns the events sent in motion as a crosswind catches one of the 
notes and carries it far and wide, out of the realm of Cuddleland, 
across the dimensions, and into the snout of one _very_ surprised pack 



(C) John T. Carr III ( Used with permission of the author.

Please see the copyright notice.

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