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The University of Cuddle

This University of Cuddle was started as another little story telling possibility. Everyone has their own fields of expertise and each of our cuddle inhabitants then "claimed" one of the departments as being their own. Now the point was ... that if anyone had any questions about their department, then they would have to answer all questions about it.

Presently the position of maintaining the list of positions is vacant. I keep this page as part of CuddleLand's history. If you want to revive Cuddle-U: e-mail Herr Doktor Professor Hugimus Q. Cuddelkins.


Cuddle U List as of April 5th 1995:

Cuddle Cheer: "Cuddles for all and all for cuddles" --Stu


Written by Judy "Princess Judy" Palmer, Michael "Olmur" Deindl and Robert "Pooky" Beyer.

Please see the copyright notice.

Last modified: November 05, 1998 by Locksley