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Princess Judy who flounces without thinking


Princess Judy is Judy Palmer []


Frugal stepped from the shadows into cuddleland although a stranger to this place he found a warm fuzzy feeling rising up his spine. He knew that he had finally found the warm cooshy place he was seeking.

*Princess Judy is doing her daily aimless wander*
tra la la le lie lo ha ha *giggle*
*skip* *prance* *scamper*
*She sees a movement in the shadows..*
*she rubs her eyes to make sure she see what see thinks she sees*

Oooo, either there's one of them there newbie/lurker types in there or it could be a *gasp* a princess-eating purple monster with green oozing spots and HUGE teeth!

*shriek* *tremble* *snf*
This is worse than aliens! *whimper*
*Princess Judy closes her eyes and awaits her fate...*
Good, thing I got clean undies on....!

*she waits*
*nothing happens*
*she waits some more*
*nothing happens*
*she finally opens her eyes and sees....Frugal The Newbie standing there, looking at her puzzled like*

Er..... hi! You're not a princess-eating purple monster with green oozing spots and HUGE teeth in disguise are you? Well, no of course not, its just that I've been reading too many Stephan King novels lately.

"I'm a newbie," he shouted, "my feet are sore from much walking and I need hugs,cuddles,tickles,etc. I am Frugal the juggler, magician, and entertainer, I live to make others happy."

Well, you've made me extremely happy by not being a princess-eating purple monster with green oozing spots and HUGE teeth. And I'm also happy that you are a newbie, I haven't seen any for awhile, I was afeared we scared 'em all off. And I think its kewl that you are a juggler, magician and entertainer.... can you breath fire too?

Please someone lead me to the ruler of this place so that I may present myself.

See, we're kind of like a government entity--no one's really in charge. ;-)

Please help me learn the ways of this land.

Oh yeah! I'm shirking my duties here! *gasp* I just don't know what has come over me.

*Judy tried to knock some sense into her head*
*She thinks happy, but muddled, thoughts about a cozy picnic in a field of daiseys, with chocolate chip cookie sandwiches and chocolate chip cookie salad and chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies for dessert* Mmmm!

*boing* *boing* *spring*
*prance* *flutter* *caper*
*Judy knocks Frugal flat*
Ooops! Sorry, 'bout that. I'm kinda outta practice. Sowwy!
*Judy picks up Frugal and dusts him off*
*she gives him a quick gee-I'm-sorry-hug*


There, now dontchoo feel better?
*Frugal looks even more puzzled than before*
*giggle* Don't worry, that's not all you get!
*sproing* *frisk* *leap*

Welcome to CuddleLand! And here's some cherry pie to keep you healthy.



I guess this is a newbie post in disguise, so *hi* :)

*sproing boing bing wring zing*
*pant*pant* That wore me out.

*Princess j naps on the soft fluffy snow*
*She wakes up freshly rested*
*thinks happy thoughts about a nice warm cup ' soup*
*huggle huggle huggle*
Welcome to cuddle land. If you're feeling silly do stop by again.

That was 'skulking' in fine form!

Hugs and clam chowder,



*Princess Judy stops and looks at all of CuddleLand, who is looking back at her*

Oh. *looks embarassed* Uh.... Gee.. *looks down*
*shuffles toe in dirt*
hee hee... See.....

See...... I've been sick, my ear infection came back and brought it's germy friends with it.... and..... I missed a lot of newbies.... so I thought I should maybe oughta make up for it now.... see?

Is that ok with you folks? Well... nyah nyah nyah *sticks out tongue* if it isn't.

Now, back to calling for Wolf.
*Wolf comes bounding up*
*j gives Wolf a big squeeze*
MMMmMMmmmmmMMMMmmmm.... You're such a cuddly wolf!
*j thinks happy thoughts about howling at the moon*
hee hee
*snuggle snuggle*
*j hands wolf a big bowl of chex party mix*
I must skedaddle now. Ta-ta!

*hop* *boing* *bounce* *scamper scamper* *run*
*slow down* *sneak sneak sneak* *skulk skulk skulk*
*sneak up on SuperNewbieBrain*
*think happy thoughts about a soft landing*
Ha ha! I got you!
*small hug hug*
*medium snuggle snuggle*
*large cuddle cuddle*
Happy you can be here.
*j hands SuperNewbieBrain a king sized butterfingers bar*
Must be off!

*skip skip* *hippety-hop* *zoom*
Hello Sherry and Gwen and Gwen and Sherry!
Hmmm...... which one of you is the newbie?
Or is it both of you?
Oh me! Oh my! I'm so confused.
Quit laughing! I'm more confused than usual.
Welll..... I know how to rectify that.
*thinks super cuddly thoughts about two--two for the price of one*
*bounce bounce*
*hop hop*
*spring spring*
*leap leap*
*Douple super duper triple backflip POUNCE POUNCE*
Welcome to CuddleLand.
*j hands Gwen and Sherry and Sherry and Gwen some double mint gum*

*bounce* *bound* *leap* *frolic* *frisk* *vault*
*Princess Judy lands in the part of CuddleLand that is full of snow*
A real live Snow Angel. How kewl! But you're melting?... Is that good or is that bad? Either way, I know what you need--
*j thinks happy thoughts of dancing with bunnies and butterflies and angels*
*gentle pounce*
*hugga hugga hugga*
Welcome to CuddleLand.
*snuggle snuggle snuggly snug*
*j reaches into her pocket and pulls out a mop*
*mop mop mop*
*she mops up the melting snow*
*she gathers it up and reforms the snow into a beautiful bouquet for Snow Angel*
Here, you go. And here's a blueberry icecee for you too.
Catch ya later!



*Princess Judy goes skip skippity skip still looking for newbies she missed*
*she stops long enough to give Dandy a big duck squeeze*
Glad to see you around, Dandy. My wittle duckie missed you.

Neeeeewwwbeeeeeeeesss oh where are you? Neeeewwwwwwbbbbeeeeeeeeesssss?
*j hears a rustling in the bushes*
Ah ha!
*j rushes over to the bushes and peeks in*
OOPS! 'Cuse me! I think you're in the wrong newsgroup!

*bounce bounce skip*
*skip leap hop jump* *bounce* *sproing*
*j stops and focuses her binoculars*
Ah ha! She spots Erin in the distance.
*gallop gallop gallop*
*run run run* *jog*
*jog jog jog* *fast walk*
*walk walk* *slow walk*
*walk walk* *walk* *shuffle* *stumble*
*stops at nearby phone booth*
*Looks up number to Eddy's Chariot Service*
hee hee!
*reaches in pocket*
No quarters! Oh no! oh, well
*walk walk walk* *walk*
*walK* *walk* *walk*
Erin! *pant* Glad *pant* to see *pant*pant* you...
No *pant* this isn't *pant* an obscene phone *pant* call done in person...
*j reaches in her pocket and pulls out her PowerAidThristBustin'Drink*
*gulp gulp glug gulp*
Much better.
*j thinks happy thoughts of levitation and *poof*-ing*
*bounce* *bounce*
*snuggle huggle*
*huggle snuggle*
Glad you could make it. Here's some chocolate doughnuts for you. I think they survived the trip.
*j lays down to take a nap*
Mebbe I'll find more newbies after my nap. I hope so! They are so much fun!



*Princess Judy wakes up from her nap feeling all happy and refreshed*
*and kind of fiesty*
hee hee *prance* *dance* *flitter flutter*
Tra la la lee ha ha! *skip skip skip*
Hey! Elizabeth! Yer a newbie, wontcha come and dance with me?
*frolic* *frisk* *tippy toe* *whirl*
hee hee I promise not to tickle you. 'Sides, me and Ahaz are afraid that you'll explode if we do.
*j thinks happy thoughts of dancing and singing and being silly*
*tippy toe tippy toe* *balance*
*piroutte* *skip* *skip* *skip*
Yeeeee eeee e haaaawww!
*snuggle snuggle snuggle*
Hee hee. You don't have to dance it you don't want to. I also brought some florescent markers and a poster to color in. Its one of the kewl kind with the black fuzzy parts. We'll have fun.
Oh! *bonk*
*Princess j *bonk*s herself on the head.
I almost forgot! I also brought some extra yummy gummy worms we can share.
hee hee Gotta fly!
*j skips off*
*turns around and skips back to Elizabeth*
*run run RUN AWAY*

*j runs in terror, afraid Elizabeth will explode*
Oh no! OH NO! Why isn't there a handy table nearby that I can hide under?
OH NO! *run run run*
*j and Devin fall into a big heap*
*arms and legs and a sparkly tiara and shoes and socks and hard candies [from out of j's pocket] go flying everywhere*
*giggle* Oh my! I am SO sorry! *giggle*giggle*
But, hey! You are one of the newbies I was looking for! Kewl!
*j thinks happy fuzzy thoughts about caterpillers turning into butterflys*
*hugga hugga hugga*
So, your the poem dude. Kewl! Gladtomeetcha!
*shakes Devin's hand vigorously*
Well, I must run.
*j sits down and sorts through the mess on the ground*
Let's see.... this is your shoe.... this is my sock, I can tell cuz its got the hole in the toe...*blush* My mom would be mortified.
Gotta scoot! Catch ya later!
*j runs about a step and a half*
Whoops! Heres a twinkie for you. Its just a wittle bit squished. I'm sowwy.
Tasty bananas!



Compiled by Robert P. "Pooky" Beyer

Please see the copyright notice.

Last modified: November 05, 1998 by Locksley