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Princesses, Cuddleland's Ladies in Waiting

As with the KiTAs, we also are very chivalrous to our Princesses. CuddleLand's Princesses are the loving, caring, and nurturing souls who make CuddleLand so warm and pleasant a place to be in. They're attentive, and make many sweets, and treats for all of the inhabitants.

Usually one of the first people to greet Newbies are our ever present Princesses. They're constantly readying the land for all our new guests.

A princess can be a "Lady in Waiting" ... what they are waiting for is they're own matter. But you may ask ... what is a Princess then?

"Glad you asked! :-) I think a princess is a lady who is a _lady_, but not uptight. You could take her to the palace and take her to a football game in the same night and she'd show the same natural grace and elegance in both situations without being uptight. A real princess is one who is no better than anyone else, but she (tries in my case) to treat everyone as if they are the most special person she's ever met, be they poor and / or indigent or the president (or prime minister). A down-to-earth class act."

(okay, so I don't fit that description, but that's the woman I am trying to evolve into. Just bear with me =) )

[Thank you, Sharlen. A True Princess if ever I saw one.]

Now, the person to usually confer the title on the next Princess is the last Princess who was ordained. A proclamation is usually issued, and a ceremony in which the titles, and cuddly items are given. Princesses choose their outfits (multicoloured scarves, Special Princessly hats, lovely flowing gowns, ...).

It is a title of honour, and of prestige. Something which you feel very proud of, and glad to be an important inhabitant of Cuddleland.


Written by Robert "Pooky" Beyer.

Please see the copyright notice.

Last modified: November 05, 1998 by Locksley