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Tal Newbie Attacks ... *pounce*flounce*trounce*


These are just examples of Tal attacks. Just enjoy them for what they are, more than anything else ... Tal can (hopefully) be found at: or


-- Specifically, what is a Tal attack?


*HUG* *hug* *BOUNCY hug* *tickling cuddles*
*runs away* *moment of silence*
*hear hooves tramplin down mountain*

*Tal on horse, waving fuzzy sword, Charges Tim*

*chuckles to self*  Well, you did ask....




-- I am new to this newsgroup, and I must say I am happy I
-- stumbled across it

*sigh contentedly* newbie.....

*after a long time of looking at computer*
*pannic creative ideas!!!!!!*
*thinks quickly*

*Pounce forth* *flying huggle tackle newbie*
*hugg* *hugg* *hugg* *hugg* *hugg* *hugg*
*flounce around with newbie* *show newbie how to bounce cuddle*

*give newbie pice of strawberry pie* *START FOOD FIGHT*
*cuddle all involved*




-- I'm at home and I don't get to regularly read, but I do try
-- to look over alt.cuddle when I have time or feel blue. I've
-- had a rough start to summer but don't feel like going into
-- it right now. [...]

*charge down mountain at "bad stuff" attacking Sarah* 
*waving fuzzy sword* *Tickle bad stuff with fuzzy sword*
*massive tickle meele with fuzzy sword*
*valient effort against bad stuff...finally forced to retreat*

* didn't become good stuff (yet)*  Don't worry, I'll
help you track this one down if you wish...

*Present self as a Companion(tm)*  *smile*
*cuddle* *cuddle* *cuddle* *cuddle* *cuddle*

Hope that helps...



-- Hey Anthony! *SUPER CUDDLERS AND HUGS* I'm a newbie too,
-- so let's face the newbie music together.

Wow!!!!!! Lots'o' newbies (and lurkers)

*wiggle rump* *tail lashes back and forth* *tigger growl*
   ^^^^^^^^---it's a cat thing....

*watch the newbie with wide eyes*
*watch the newbie fall into the trap*
*POUNCE* *POUNCE newbie in the trap*
*cuddle* *massage back* *massage shoulders*
*temple massage* *cuddle*

*chuckle* You know, I just keep getting stuck in these
newbie traps with the newbies....*giggle*

*offer Jen to use me as a pillow* *cuddle newbie*
*temple massage until Jen falls asleep* *cuddle sleeping Jen*
*fall asleezzzzzzzz....zzzzzzz....zzzz....* (cuddling Jen)

-still stuck in a newbie trap (with a newbie)


-- I should ask for a Tal attack, since I haven't gotten one yet!

*Tal looks out window* *sees newbie* *looks at computer*
*looks at newbie* *looks at computer* *looks at newbie*
*looks at computer* ....

*Tal quickly starts automated debug routine on Newbie Detector(tm)*

*Tal bounces thorugh the wind....OWW!!*
*blush* *shuffle feet* *Tal opens window*

*Tal Bounces through the now open window, over the hill and
                                            through the woods*
*BOUNCE newbie (whose finger daemon will not give me his RL name)*

*a zillion extra hugs for the computer glitch*
*hugg* *hugg* *hugg* *hugg* *hugg* *hugg* *hugg*

*and a bagillion cuddles for being late (as usual)*
*cuddle* *cuddle* *cuddle* *cuddle* *cuddle* *cuddle* *cuddle*

*massage back* *massage shoulders*
*massage neck* *massage temples* *hug* *hug*



[bad stuff fed to cuddle computer *muncha**muncha**muncha*]
* Sheesh - I musta *really* P.O'd the gods!

*begin ritual* *burn incense* *filk singing* *dancing*
*pray to gods* *plead with gods*
*gods return neutral omen*

*pout* *angry*


*bounce into the heavens*
*cuddle gods into submission*
*cuddle* *cuddle* *cuddle* *cuddle* *cuddle*
*gods give better omens*
*bounce back down*

*smile*  *cuddle Joann* *massage Joann's temples*
*smile* Any better?

Hope so...

*extinguish incense* *dim lights* *switch to cuddly music*


Now you have seen a Tal attack. Doesn`t it make you want one?


Compiled by Robert P. "Pooky" Beyer

Please see the copyright notice.

Last modified: November 05, 1998 by Locksley