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Welcome to CuddleLand

CuddleLand is the newsgroup alt.cuddle. It was set up in March 1994 to discuss cuddling, hugging, snuggling, and all forms of friendly affection, as well as being there as a source of support and general good feelings.


Before you proceed, please have a look at the copyright notice and at the compatibility list. While the search engine is not yet operational, there is a table of cuddletents which more or less reflects this site (depending entirely on whether or not the CuddleElves have been at it or not...).


When you're new...

... there're several things you might want to read:


For those you can't get enough information...

... we have various lists providing various informations about various alt.cuddlers:

Please note, that appearing on one, some or all of the lists is voluntary. Neither is appearance on one, some or all lists a sign of importance, nor is absence from one, some or all lists a sign of unimportance.

Individual alt.cuddlers may just have individual reasons for appearing or not appearing on one, some or all lists.



Some of CuddleLand's special attractions are:

If you wandered in our fabled realm for a while, you might wonder where all the different places are located. This is the time when you should consult the Map of CuddleLand.

And if you're still not tired reading about CuddleLand, you can view a collection of inspirational items and stories which appeared in alt.cuddle.

And at least one person's version of the Theory of the Evolution of CuddleWorld.

Last not least, some other sites related to cuddling and alt.cuddle:


Written by Michael "Olmur" Deindl and Robert "Pooky" Beyer.

Please see the copyright notice.

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